Evera system

EVERA System is a breast enlargement method that uses a medical device. It helps increase the size of woman’s breasts through continuous stimulation without having to undergo a painstaking surgery. With EVERA System, the breast tissues are enlarged to help women achieve a more natural and comfortable look.

This system was approved as the medical aspirator for breast enlargement by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety with the result of a clinical trial that has been subjected to 38 women and has been conducted by Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital and Yeoeuido St. Mary’s Hospital.

Medical device manufacturing approval item (Ministry of Food & Drug Safety, KFDA)

KGMP (ISO 13485) Certification (Ministry of Food & Drug Safety, KFDA)

Clinical report on the medical device (Gangnam St. Mary’s Hospital, Yeoeuido St. Mary’s Hospital)

Patent application for breast enlargement system (10-2008-0084807 (Korean Intellectual Property Office))

Design registration of sound pressure generator for a breast enlargement instrument 30-0583897 (Korean Intellectual Property Office)

Design registration of dome for a breast enlargement instrument 30-0574074 (Korean Intellectual Property Office)

Composition of EVERA System
Under the slogan, “beautiful natural breasts without surgery,” and after many years of investigation and development, “Evera’s breast enlargement medical device,” which was duly authorized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), was launched along with the nonsurgical breast enlargement device called “Evera system.” Evera is the only company that specializes in taking care of breasts, which has successfully developed cosmetic, breast management esthetic, and medical fat transplantation solutions. EVERA System images

There is a set of left and right domes, and each dome is composed of eight sizes depending on the width and the volume of the breast.

Spot box

The spot box is composed of a microprocessor/sensor/pump with a certain sound pressure that is maintained, and the time of use and the amount of pressure can be checked. The pressure can be controlled up to three stages.


Foreign substances, such as wastes, moisture, and salt within the dome is prevented from flowing in to the spot box.


T-tube is a T-form silicon connector that connects the spot box and the dome to deliver the pressure into the dome.

Supporting bra

The supporting bra is a specially designed bra that is exclusive for the system to provide comfort when wearing the EVERA System..

Breast-care products

The breast-care products are composed of two essential products, which are exclusively used for EVERA System, and three skincare products to cleanse, moisturize, and sooth the skin for basic.

Science Behind EVERA System
“The body grows through continuous stimulation.”
The physical strength applied constantly enables tissue formation.

01.EVERA System’s principle on the growth of tissues

The scientific application of EVERA System

The principle of the breast enlargement system is to continuously apply low-level of vacuum pressure to the breast, as if pulling from various angles, to enable its tissues to react to the continuous pressure and stimulate the enlargement of the breast.
This principle is based on the natural growth of cells and a healing mechanism when the tissues in our bodies are in continuous tension. This mechanism is clinically known as the “expansion of tissues.”
This healing mechanism is used in various clinical fields for over 30 years.

02.Growth of cells through mechanical stretching

The principle of Ilizarov to stretch the length of bones
Image of people, stretching some parts of their bodies, through continuous stimulation

- The surgical transplant for the “expansion of tissues” is not only used in plastic surgery but also in various stages of reconstruction, such as for the increase of the size of genitals or cartilage tissues and the expansion of the facial skeleton or fixating the facial form. The Ilizarov treatment used in plastic surgery to stretch the arm or the leg length also uses the same principle.

- The Karen in Myanmar or the natives of Africa also stretch parts of their bodies through continuous stimulation.

A reliable medical device for breast enlargement approved by the KFDA

The EVERA System is an effective method that enables natural breast enlargement just by wearing it steadily, and the product has been approved as the medical aspirator for breast enlargement by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety in Korea last January 2011.
Because of new cell generation, EVERA is effective not only on small breasts but also in straightening their form such as in case of unbalanced breasts or flaccid breasts.

Optimum pressure for cell generation: “15–25 mmHg”

EVERA stimulates the growth and division of breast cells through fine stimulation of 15–25 mmHg to enable breast enlargement. The stimulation is the same as the end pressure of the capillary vessel to cause no strain to the body, and the system has been proven reliable after passing the safety test conducted by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety in Korea.

"Natural breast line"

No temporary effect; natural breast volume through actual tissue formation
EVERA System uses the principle of the breast tissue to grow autonomously with the help of the external pressure, therefore, natural breast line can be created without stimulating a hormone or inserting prostheses.

EVERA can be used whenever, wherever.

EVERA System is a personal care method that can be used based on a person’s lifestyle anytime, anywhere. Also, the product is wireless to enable basic activities when wearing the product. Therefore, with EVERA System, you can take care of your breast comfortably whenever, wherever in your own space.

Efficient system to take care and maintain your breast

You can always reuse the product when you lose confidence after the shape of your breast has changed because of breast-feeding, repeated diet, or aging.
EVERA System is an economical system of enabling continuous breast care with one-time purchase.