Company with expertise in taking care of breasts — Evera

Under the slogan, “beautiful natural breasts without surgery,” and after many years of investigation and development, “Evera’s breast enlargement medical device,” which was duly authorized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), was launched along with the nonsurgical breast enlargement device called “Evera system.” Evera is the only company that specializes in taking care of breasts, which has successfully developed cosmetic, breast management esthetic, and medical fat transplantation solutions.

Company CI introduction

Evera aims to become a company that understands every woman.
The company name comes from the word, Eve, which means meaning women, and Ra, which means bra. It provides “eve’s magic bra,” a magical bra that helps every woman to maintain their natural breasts.

For the symbol of Evera, “E” stands for the first letter of the word, Eve, with a crown that symbolizes the confidence of all woman about how they look

Evera is the only company that studies breasts, making it stand out among others.

01. Different certificates have verified Evera’s

certification from MFDS for its medical device, GMP authorization, and other patents

certification images
02. It has been introduced through various platforms such as well-known
broadcast media and magazines
03. The company thinks not only of the beauty of the breasts but also
of its health

straightens out people’s thoughts on women’s breasts by participating in various cultural activities
and campaign to increase their awareness.

04. The company has developed a number of breast management solutions
depending on the need, lifestyle, and breast type of a woman